Good teachers become great teachers by going beyond the call of duty and beyond the textbook. To do this, he or she must continue their education. There are conferences, workshops, and continuing education that could give the teacher that extra help in technology for their students. There are online workshops, and classes that teachers could attend as well as on-site workshop and classes.

There are many things that we as educators and future administrators can do to further our education and increase our ability and the ability of our students. For my part, not only do I try to attend workshops, but I give workshops at the conferences and at my school as well. When I attend and give workshops, I learn how to improve my skills in the process. We must also remember that technology is forever and quickly changing. The moment you have purchased new technology, it has become out of date before you get it home. Therefore, we KMTI must immerse ourselves in what is new and current to better the lives and education of our students.