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Welcome to KMTI Brave Hearts. We honestly are thankful to all of you , my dear parents, who are thinking differently and are kmtibhlooking into our curriculum . There are so many schools in our surroundings and you have lots of options in hand to admit your child  in a good one. If you think deeply you can notice that there are two types of schools exist. One of them gives more and more pressure to a child so that child can get admission in a high school easily and other one is showing infer structure only that what kind of activities and facilities child will have during school time.

Most of the schools are not Kolkata is speaking for shake of the children. For the parents, they are only concerned about the high school admission and completely ignoring  the basic development of their little wards . According to child psychology (development Psychology) most of the developments of human brain complete within the age of 6 years of every human being. So it is the most important time of a human to become a perfect human by heart . Europe follows this rules they stick on it, where as  backwards countries like ours with a huge lack of knowledge, ignore it as per their capacity .

But the time is changing now we are discussing about the potential developments essential of value learning , mind power developments and want to see something different in our child as per the progress is concerned.

KMTI is doing this job honestly and sincerely since 2008. Please be with us and keep faith on us. If we cannot do, none can do this in the world. This prospectus will give you what we have to offer for your beloved word with warm Regards.


KMTI Brave Hearts aims to develop the proper learning potential within the natural learners, to mould a student according to Multiple Intelligence..


To create generations of quality human beings who can help in developing a better world.

Our Ideology

“Our guts are missing , so we are at the last bench after having lots of degrees and certificates”

KMTI Brave Hearts believes that every child are unique and all are individuals. They only needs bravery to conquer the world which can be achieved through value education only , To spared awareness of value learning to the all corner of our state and country as well , KMTI Brave hearts committed to do whatever is necessary .

  • Child Psychology based learning ambiance.
  • Value based curriculum
  • Faster learning
  • English speaking guaranteed
  • One chance High School Admission
  • Roman Bravery Education.
  • Original Montessori system
  • Experts in preschool learning
  • Yoga Aerobics Meditation
  • Art and Craft

Our Curriculam

backgroundThe Background

We have seen a change in our education system mostly in kolkata and its suburbs, Most of the schools are trying to adopt the international education system against the Traditional System of Education, for last decade.

misconceptionsThe Common Misconceptions

There are lots of misconception about preschool.We have Listed down the points to clear the concept of a preschool.

Why Value Education is So Important?

Brave Hearts Curricullam


Child Psychology based learning ambience

KMTI Brave hearts provides the perfect ambience according to the child psychology, so all our Brave Child’s get the 100% positive learning ambience to develop themselves, 10:1 child teacher ratio and complete stress free fun full at home atmosphere motivates all our brave Child’s to blossom perfectly.

Value based curriculum

Value signifies the foundation of a child , KMTI Brave hearts mostly emphasize on it . It makes a child perfect human being as all parents wish to see . It should be understood for all the parents that without value all . Will go in vain .

Multiple Intelligence Based All Round Development

We firmly believe that all child are individual and all are unique . We never make a cluster with altest two students also . We find out the inner intelligence and develop it with every respect. So the students get confidence early, they can learn rapidly and they  get maturity perfectly.

Roman Bravery Education Technology

To make every child confidant and self dependent KMTI Brave Hearts introduce some Bravery Techniques from ancient Roman and greek mythology. Our Brave Children will take very few time to prove themselves with this incomputable techniques.

Physical & mental Development Yoga aerobics & Meditation

Every day school will start with yoga and aerobics (3 Days) and Meditation (two  Days), and it is mandatory to every child . It is nutrition of mind . We always ignore it and always get the worst result and blame our fate.

Aesthetic Development

It is also a compulsory activity of our every brave child in daily basis entertainment of imaginary power restore poor handling and the sense of creation  that all we are getting from this development.  

Brave Hearts Features


Faster Learning


Real Understanding


Audio Visual Classrooms

Parental Guidance

Brave Hearts Pledges

English Speaking Guaranteed

KMTI Brave Hearts gives guarantee to its every respected parents about the English speaking ability of their words within a year, otherwise KMTI Brave Hearts will return all the taken amount instantly after completion of one year.

One chance high school admission

Our students always stay few step ahead of every children of same age group, so our parents never faces such embarrassing  situation regarding the High School Admission of their words, It does not matter witch ever class the student is studying now, Our student needs only single chance to crack admission on any school.

Original Montessori system

Lots of school are needed the Montessori as like a common ward for preschool but frankly speaking Montessori system is not only the very expensive system but also it requires very much qualified and technically sound teachers, to run it perfectly, Already it is proved that KMTI is the best in Montessori training within eastern India.


Expert In Pre School Learning

Most of the corporate pre schools and the international schools in Kolkata and its surroundings have take teachers from us and KMTI is the largest and biggest teachers training college in eastern India, So it can be said as per the preschool learning is concerned, KMTI is most experience and efficient than the others.



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