Mrs. Ruma Chakraborty
MA Montessori Education

Welcome to KMTI ®


Thank you for your interest in the modern international education system and in the Kolkata Montessori Tanning Institute [KMTI]. Our aim is to enlighten our students the learning insights developed by our experienced and Technically Qualified faculties. The learning Methods which is generally known as Montessori system or International System or New Age education System , is recognized as one of the best system is actually based on the firm belief that every child is an individual and all are unique . Every child is born within the creative potential and our task is to find out the potential through their multiple intelligence. The students have to be  given the space for their drive to learn and right to be treated as an individual. Our courses are designed specially for those, who are dealing or planning to deal with the children in their first fourteen years of life, and we also welcome graduate students who are interested to see herself successful in education field , to make a bright carrier in child education . Our courses focus upon the essentials of Modern International Learning system as well as Dr. Maria Montessori’s Philosophy, Child Physiology, principals of learning and learning oriented modern technologies. In the true tradition of Dr. Montessori, we also emphasis on practical hand works and project works , KMTI always tries to produce not only the practically learned teachers but also technically qualified well equipped and well groomed teachers. Specially to betterment our educational scenario, KMTI tries to marks a complete balance between theory and practical works which makes the course outstanding than the any other one. All KMTI study centers are duly authorized by the Kolkata Montessori Training Institute central governing body and every centers are fully in supreme control of KMTI central body . The advance diploma awarded at the end of each course opens the way to a wide range of career . The students will enjoy the scope to perform and planning of events and can archive lots of certificates as per their ability. Our advance diploma PGDME (Post Graduate diploma in modern education ) or DME (Diploma in Modern Education ) will be much valuable for you to get a fabulous job in corporate pre schools, or Private high Schools, International Schools in any circumstances .

we believe that the training is a uniquely rewarding experience . The valuable diploma will change yours surroundings and make you satisfied in your carrier field. This website gives you the more details which we are going to offer.