KMTI is established by a government requested registered trust, Regd. No. 01681, headed by Mrs.Dipa Bhattacharjee, President KMTI and the other honorable Members of trustee.

KMTI Academic Council

Total syllabus and learning process of entire KMTI Centres are controlled and maintained by a highest body of academicians. All research and development of KMTI learning methods are regulated by KMTI academic council headed by Mrs. Ruma Chakraborty, Principal KMTI, and Mr. Aneesh Dasgupta, Academic Head, KMTI, and three other academicians.

KMTI Examination Council

KMTI has completely separate examination council headed by Mrs. Jharna Nath, Controller of Examination, KMTI, and four other examination council members. All examination related programmes and certifications are totally organized by KMTI Examination council.

KMTI Administration

KMTI has also a complete separate administration area to retain its optimum level quality in any circumstances.